Areas of Expertise

Smart city strategy and planning

Including elaboration and consulting on the main strategy stages, such as background, SWOT or trends or futures analysis; vision development; setting of priorities and objectives; strategy design and intervention logic; action plan including best projects globally; flagship projects design; implementation, budget, and time schedule.

Smart city impact monitoring and assessment

Including the selection of outcome and result indicators; analytics for measurement and impact assessment; data collection and reporting; use of benchmarking and balanced scorecards.

Smart city applications design and development

In the domains of the innovation-led economy and its ecosystems; improving the quality of life in cities; optimization of utilities, transport, energy, water, and waste management solutions; governance, policy and decision-making, safety and security and other public services to citizens.

Innovation systems analysis and innovation strategy

Including innovation mapping, survey and analysis; measuring and benchmarking of innovation performance; innovation-led regional development; research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation (RIS3); assessment of innovation strategy outcomes and impact.

Development of web-based applications for innovation management

Such as strategic intelligence platforms, which include data collection, processing, and analysis for market and technology watch; technology transfer platforms, which support networks for technology learning, brokering, collaboration between academia and businesses.

Solutions for Smart Cities

We promote the development of cities and regions, driven by innovation, the participation of citizens and stakeholders, the improvement of human skills, and smart cities as a modern model for urban design and development. We offer integrated approaches and solutions for smart city development at the level of assessment, strategy, planning, and digital applications development. We create solutions for smart cities which incorporate the most recent technological advances to solve real problems in the domains of growth, sustainability, and safety.

The services we offer to the cities are:

  • Strategy for developing smart city applications that best meet the particular needs of each city
  • Software applications design development, improvement and customization.
  • Training of staff members in applications management.
  • End-user support.
  • Applications hosting on the cloud and analytics.

Solutions for innovation strategies

This section provides a platform and four core roadmaps that illustrate different ways in which software applications (OnlineS3) could be combined to provide targeted services to Smart Specialisation Strategies.

ICOS Intelligent cities software repository

The open Intelligent City Software and Solutions Repository (ICOS) is an initiative to gather and promote smart city applications in municipalities, computer scientists, generic users and their communities.

More than 140 applications are gathered in ICOS covering the following topics: Innovation in the local economy, Quality of Life in cities, Urban Infrastructure Management and Urban Governance.

By entering the ICOS website you can be informed about available apps which can be installed and customized for your Municipality.