Digital Cities Challenge – Strategy design for Sofia

10 September in Sofia

The 2nd strategy meeting for the design of the Digital Transformation Strategy (DCS) for Sofia took place on September 10 at the premises of the Microsoft Innovation Center in Sofia. Representatives from 17 stakeholder organisations worked together in defining operational objectives, scenarios, and KPIs for the DCS of Sofia. The focus is on three vertical markets for e-services (government, utilities, transportation) and the support of the start-up ecosystem with digital platforms for networking.


Intelspace 2017

27 June 2018

Η Intelspace AE εστιάζει τις δραστηριότητες της (1) στην ανάπτυξη και διακυβέρνηση ευφυών πόλεων, (2) στο σχεδιασμό και στην ανάπτυξη εφαρμογών για ευφυείς πόλεις, (3) στις στρατηγικές καινοτομίας, και (4) στην ανάπτυξη ψηφιακών εφαρμογών για τη διαχείριση καινοτομίας. Ο ισολογισμός 31.12.2017 είναι διαθέσιμος Isologismos-2017


Digital Cities Challenge 2nd Academy Seminar

16-17 May in Brussels

The 2nd Academy Seminar and meeting of DCC cities, follower cities, and blue print cities took place on 16-17 May in Brussels. The Digital Cities Challenge is a programme of the European Commission to develop and implement policies and actions for digital transformation. During the meeting 15 cities presented their vision and ambition plans and discussed with lead cities in the field of digital transformation and growth.


3rd NEWBITS Press release

February 2018

Within the framework of the EU-funded NEWBITS project, a benchmark analysis of ITS innovation diffusion has been performed for three specific areas of ITS innovation: 1) Sharing Mobility, 2) Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), and 3) Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV’s).

According to this benchmark analysis, the critical aspect to consider in both the EU and US to boost diffusion of sharing mobility innovation can be found in overcoming the critical mass barrier and this has been done in several cases by making massive use of tracking technologies and social networks. Additional success elements are increasing interoperability and allowing data sharing among platforms, incentivizing multimodal transport integration, extending pre-tax benefits, establishing a community of trusted users and developing supporting policy measures.

MaaS is at its initial stages of diffusion in the EU, whereas in the US organisational and institutional challenges have even prevented deployment. Forces driving innovation diffusion were found to be: user’s willingness to move from a car-borne transport; the presence of the large majority of operators offering electronic payment, opening data and allowing third parties to sell their services; stakeholder cooperation; user incentives; and the inclusion of MaaS within regional transport policy strategies. On the other hand, restraining forces identified are: challenges to make users using one single app; strong market competition; lack of provision of government subsidies and lack of tax reduction benefits; and financial pressure on public transport operators in case profits are sought from the sale of monthly subscriptions and ticket sales.

The benchmark analysis for CAV’s has indicated user acceptance and willingness to pay, data protection and cyber-security, ethics and liability, and policy and regulatory issues as the most critical factors of innovation diffusion. According to the evidence reviewed, data privacy is not considered a critical barrier to innovation diffusion, whilst it is considered that CAV will result in a shift from personal to product liability, which will significantly impact the insurance market. Further challenges are also posed by the need for regulatory actions, such as enforcing that all new vehicles are equipped with digital connectivity and communication capabilities allowing to interact with each other and the surrounding road infrastructure, defining open technology standards and developing comprehensive national frameworks.

The full benchmark analysis is available online on


3rd meeting of NEWBITS project

16th-17th of November 2017

The 3rd meeting of NEWBITS project was hosted by TTS Italia in the city of Rome during the 16th and 17th of November 2017. Read more…


2nd NEWBITS Press release

October 2017

2nd NEWBITS Press release: The market for ‘Intelligent Transport Systems’ (ITS) is changing rapidly: topics like urbanisation, sustainability and digitalisation are changing the environment as well as the near future.

Despite the investments in technology development and feasibility demonstrations, the systematic market penetration of ITS applications remains a major challenge. The Horizon 2020 project NEWBITS (‘NEW Business models for ITS’) is facing this challenge, aiming at providing a deep understanding of this ever-changing world by analysing the current European market and developing potential new business models and incentives in order to accelerate a successful ITS deployment.

A market research analysis was conducted within the scope of NEWBITS to gain valuable market insights and a sound basis for the development of innovative business models. It analyses the market, identifies key stakeholders and defines value chains for each of the 4 case studies addressed within NEWBITS.

All case studies, which are based on actual pilot projects, have been carefully selected and validated as representative for the current ITS market, covering several transport modes – road, rail and inland waterways. In addition, different geographical areas and ITS services were captured: Next to a carpooling service in Spain, an urban traffic control solution in Italy and a synchromodal track-and-trace solution for container transport in the Netherlands, a predictive maintenance solution for railway operations in the United Kingdom was investigated.

The full market research analysis is available on To find out more about NEWBITS and current project news visit and follows us on Twitter (@NEWBITS_CITS) and LinkedIn (NEWBITS Project). Download the press release from here.


Meeting at Intelspace SA on “’

26 July 2017

Meeting of 26 July 2017 at Intelspace SA on “ Fighting Corruption with Fiscal Transparency”. Several experts participated in this meeting in order to perform a technical evaluation of the applications developed in the framework of this H2020 project and discuss possible improvements. Applications tested and assessed by Intelspace in the framework of a contract with the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems are: (1) OSPackager/Viewer for the transformation of input data from csv to RDF through the LinkedPipes ETL tool. (2) Indigo: Data mining tools that can visualise input data for the analysis. (3) KPIs: Tool to perform comparative analysis of city budget across the EU. (4) Microsite that enables local authorities to embed a dashbord of analytics into the city website. (5) Participatory budgeting, enabling citizens to define the importance of each project/budget proposal.


Intelspace 2016


Η Intelspace AE εστιάζει τις δραστηριότητες της (1) στην ανάπτυξη και διακυβέρνηση ευφυών πόλεων, (2) στο σχεδιασμό και στην ανάπτυξη εφαρμογών για ευφυείς πόλεις, (3) στις στρατηγικές καινοτομίας, και (4) στην ανάπτυξη ψηφιακών εφαρμογών για τη διαχείριση καινοτομίας. Ο ισολογισμός 31.12.2016 είναι διαθέσιμος ISOLOGISMOS 2016

1st Press release

1st Press release: NEWBITS – Through an improved understanding of ITS services towards innovative business models.  To support the development of innovative business models and effective policy incentives, a better understanding of the factors affecting the deployment of ITS services is required. A deeper understanding of the described factors has been achieved by the recently published project deliverable ‘D2.2: Assessment of main barriers and key performance indicators (KPIs) for the implementation of ITS services’. A wide online survey among relevant stakeholders, supplemented by the assessment of 94 ITS services currently applied in the EU, US and Australia, the most relevant barriers and enablers for specific market segments and service types were determined. Download the press release from here..

Second project meeting of NEWBITS

7th-8th of June 2017

The second project meeting of NEWBITS was hosted by INTELSPACE in the city of Thessaloniki during the 7th and 8th of June 2017. NEWBITS partners focused on deploying the process of validation for the case studies as key enablers of the upcoming activities of the project. As a result, 3 case studies were positively considered while one was discarded and an alternative proposed by UAB. More info about the meeting can be found here..


Employment opportunities

June 7

Intelspace Innovation Technologies S.A., in the framework of the “NEW Business models for Intelligent Transport Systems” (NEWBITS, Νο 723974) project, which is financed by the European Commission and the Horizon 2020 programme (H2020-MG-2016-SingleStage-RTD-MOVE) will recruit two persons for the implementation of Work Package 3 “Holistic Intelligence process”, and Work Package 4 “Developing Innovative Business Models” for a period of 6-8 months (June 2017 – February 2018). Candidates should posses an engineering degree, preferably of computer or mechanical engineer, and PhD or postgraduate studies in related to WP3 and WP4 subjects. You can send your CVs and documentation of experience by June 7 to Mrs Maria Schoina, email:


NEWBITS Project Meeting

8th-9th of February

NEWBITS partners met in the city of Delft, where CEDelft hosted the first project meeting from 8th until 9th of February. The main aim of the meeting was the discussion on on-going status and methodology design for WP2 in order to ensure a complete mapping of the C-ITS context. More info about the meeting can be found here.


NEWBITS – New Business Models for Intelligent Transport Systems

22 March 2018

NEWBITS – New Business Models for Intelligent Transport Systems. A video that presents the project concept is available here. The overall objective of the NEWBITS project is to provide a deep understanding of the changing conditions and dynamics that affect and/or influence collaborative ITS innovations.


NEWBITS Project website

NEWBITS Project website is online at You may click the link to get more info about the project and be updated on the latest developments of the NEWBITS project.


Technical meeting of ONLINE S3

26 October 2016

A technical meeting of ONLINE S3 took place in Thessaloniki on 26 October 2016. The objectives of the Technical meeting were: elaborate an integrated approach to WP1, WP2, WP3, and WP4; define exact timelines of WP2, WP3 and WP4; agree on the allocation of work among partners; select content management system and technologies of the platform and the applications; start as early as possible the development of applications and the platform to achieve the milestone 4 of an operational web environment by the start of the pilot exercises.


Technical meeting of ONLINE S3

12th-13th October 2016

In the 12th and 13th of October 2016 the kick-off meeting of the NEWBITS project took place at The Simulation Centre of the Technocentre in Coventry, UK. The NEWBITS project (New Business models for Intelligent Transport Systems) has been approved for funding in the frame of the European Research Programme «Horizon 2020».

The project consortium consists of 9 partners, coming from 6 different EU countries (UK, NL, GR, DE, SP, IT) including national ITS association and EU level innovation networks, C-ITS service providers operating world-wide, as well as research based institutions and specialized consultancies involved in the fields of Transport and ITS, marketing research, policy analysis and innovation management.

INTELSPACE SA as one of the consortium partners participated in the kick off meeting with two experts.


NEWBITS project

INTELSPACE participates in the consortium of the Horizon 2020 project NEWBITS. It is a 30-months project on business models accelerating innovations in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). NEWBITS applies a business ecosystem approach for ITS which acknowledges the context of economics of networks by introducing a higher conceptual level than that of individual organizations, focusing at how organizations create value within the context of the networks in which they interoperate. The NEWBITS consortium will design and implement a holistic intelligence process that gathers key information and indicators on market, demand, stakeholder’s involvement and innovation diffusion for ITS.


Intelspace 2015


Η Intelspace AE εστιάζει τις δραστηριότητες της (1) στην ανάπτυξη και διακυβέρνηση ευφυών πόλεων, (2) στο σχεδιασμό και στην ανάπτυξη εφαρμογών για ευφυείς πόλεις, (3) στις στρατηγικές καινοτομίας, και (4) στην ανάπτυξη ψηφιακών εφαρμογών για τη διαχείριση καινοτομίας. Ο ισολογισμός 31.12.2015 είναι διαθέσιμος εδώ.


Horizon 2020 – Start of a new project

INTELSPACE together with a consortium of 12 partners is starting the Horizon 2020 project ONLINE S3. The aim of the project is to design and develop an e-policy platform, augmented with a toolbox of applications and online services, able to assist national and regional authorities in the EU to elaborate their smart specialisation agenda. The platform will leverage existing methodologies, initiatives and tools developed by the EC for the RIS3 strategy and augment them with additional applications, roadmaps and databases to facilitate and automate the design and implementation of RIS3 strategies across Europe.


Improve-My-City Platform

Intelspace, Infalia, and Alamat International are working for the customisation of the Improve-My-City Platform ( to be used by the city of Riyahd in Saudi Arabia. The project includes web, Android and iOS applications. Installation, training, and seamless operation of the Platform will be provided.Alamat Int will provide the required local information in order for the platform to be adapted in Saudi Arabia and especially Riyadh conditions.


Collaboration with Bir Ventures Ltd

Intelspace SA started a collaboration with Bir Ventures Ltd, USA, for the development of a Science Park in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE University Science Park aims to create a globally recognized innovation ecosystem and enhance the diversification of the UAE economy. The Science Park will connect physical infrastructure, human skills, and advanced digital services and setup a borderless environment for scientific research, commercialization of innovation, technology-led start-ups, and training business leaders of tomorrow.


Intelspace 2014


Η Intelspace AE εστιάζει τις δραστηριότητες της (1) στην ανάπτυξη και διακυβέρνηση ευφυών πόλεων, (2) στο σχεδιασμό και στην ανάπτυξη εφαρμογών για ευφυείς πόλεις, (3) στις στρατηγικές καινοτομίας, και (4) στην ανάπτυξη ψηφιακών εφαρμογών για τη διαχείριση καινοτομίας. Ο ισολογισμός 31.12.2014 είναι διαθέσιμος εδώ.


“Enhancing the transfer of Intelligent Transportation System innovations to the market (T-TRANS)”

November 2014

The Coordination and Support Action entitled “Enhancing the transfer of Intelligent Transportation System innovations to the market (T-TRANS)” concluded in November with the organization of a final event. Between September 2012 and November 2014, a team of experts in the innovation chain for all the transport modes, from 9 organizations of 7 EU countries, including universities, research centres, companies and associations, studied the innovation mechanisms for the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and identified best practices and guidelines for upbringing the related innovative products and services to the market. More: T-TRANS_PressRelease_EN_Dec14


T-TRANS project Presentation

4th November 2014

The final event for the presentation of the T-TRANS project will take place at UAB-CASA CONVALESCÈNCIA (Sant Antoni Mª Claret, 171 – 08041 Barcelona – Spain) on November 4th, 2014.T-TRANS, “Enhancing the transfer of Intelligent Transportation System innovations to the market” is a Support Action funded by the European Commission under the FP7 Transport Programme. The main objective of the project is to gain a better understanding of the market drivers and barriers for ITS innovation.


Intelspace 2013


Η Intelspace AE εστιάζει τις δραστηριότητες της στην ανάπτυξη τεχνολογιών στα πεδία (1) της διαχείρισης οικοσυστημάτων καινοτομίας, (2) των ψηφιακών εφαρμογών διαχείρισης καινοτομίας, και (3) των ψηφιακών και ευφυών πόλεων. Ο ισολογισμός 31.12.2013 είναι διαθέσιμος εδώ.


Final conference of INNOSEE

13 September 2013

The final conference of INNOSEE, a Leonardo Da Vinci project of the European Commission, will be held on 13 September 2013 in Sofia. The conference will discuss the finding of the project in terms of research clusters training needs and present the web-based platform to support training in research driven clusters.


4th partner meeting of INNOSEE

18-19 April 2013

The 4th partner meeting of INNOSEE was held at Empoli, Italy on 18 and 19 April 2013. The EACEA report and evaluation of the project by the Commission services was presented, describing strengths and weaknesses, and the overall very good evaluation. Main focus of the meeting has been the development of the training content and the 8 training modules for research driven clusters under development.**A platform will be ready to directly connect the users with all recommended sections. The platform has been implemented with Moodle at After the completion of each module, a certificate will be released.


Intelspace 2012


Η Intelspace AE εστιάζει τις δραστηριότητες της στην ανάπτυξη τεχνολογιών στα πεδία (1) της διαχείρισης οικοσυστημάτων καινοτομίας, (2) των ψηφιακών εφαρμογών διαχείρισης καινοτομίας, και (3) των ψηφιακών και ευφυών πόλεων. Ο ισολογισμός της Ανώνυμης Εταιρείας με την επωνυμία “Intelspace Τεχνολογίες Καινοτομίας ΑΕ” της 31.12.2012 είναι διαθέσιμος εδώ.


Intelligent Transport Systems state of the art assessment

The TTRANS report “Intelligent Transport Systems state of the art assessment” aims at enhancing the understanding of the relationships among various ITS areas, applications and technologies by developing an ITS ontology which links ITS applications and technologies based on the study of the four case studies, and is general enough to be valid across different transport modes. In this sense this report provide a solid introduction to the four case studies selected at proposal stage, providing a comprehensive list of technologies and applications used by those, and assessing the technology readiness of the identified technologies.*You can download the T-TRANS ITS state-of-the-art assessment report here.


TTRANS workshop on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

June 26

The first TTRANS workshop on Intelligent Transport Systems(ITS) will be held on June 26 in Thessaloniki Concert Hall. During the workshop experts from academia, research institutes, and enterprises will discuss ways to enhance the transfer of ITS innovations to the market. The 1st Workshop is co-organized with the TIPS project which objective is to facilitate the creation of new products and services from EU-funded R&D projects in the field of ITS.*You can download the agenda of the workshop from here: TTRANS-Thessaloniki_1st_workshop_agenda