the originals josh and aiden first kiss

Finally Caroline (the newest Vampire) shows her humanity and befriends Tyler Lockwood the newest Werewolf in Mystic Falls and helps him through his first transformation and lives. Josh: So? Nearly a decade later, Josh passes away and Aiden is the first to meet him in the afterlife. You're way hotter in person. Das Konzept der Serie wurde ebenso wie das von Vampire Diaries von Julie Plec entwickelt. Aidan and Sally are best friends. Aiden appears to be extremely attractive, with pale olive Italian skin, dark, brown hair and clear blue-green eyes. In The Devil is Damned, Aiden called Klaus and told him that Finn still had Marcel. All the Aiden and Josh scenes in The Originals 2x14 I love them together :) At the end of the episode, while they are in a bar, Klaus tells Aiden that he will help him become the new Alpha in exchange for loyalty and the solemn promise to protect Hope at all costs. At the Abattoir, Jackson with the corpse in the shoulder, accused Klaus of Aiden's murder. Josh also remarked on how Aiden was much hotter than his online photos suggested. Indeed Aiden proposes to his boyfriend to escape, leaving New Orleans for good and meet in two hours. Aiden gets a call from Klaus and mind to the boy, telling him that it's Jackson, so Josh leaves the room, take the opportunity to take a shower. 14 It began with gay vampire Josh (Steven Krueger) flirting online with gay werewolf Aiden (Colin Woodell) – something that is quite forbidden in a world where vampires and werewolves are not compatible. Aiden: No! Characters and relationships from The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Legacies, which are either lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, pansexual, asexual, etc. When they found Hayley trying to smuggle Oliver out of the lycée, they initially tried to stop them from leaving, but after Oliver spoke to them about how they as a people had lost their way and allowed other people to control them to the point that the wolves were willing to fight a hybrid solely because a bunch of witches told them to, Aiden instructed the werewolves to stand down and allow Hayley and Oliver to pass unharmed. Josh: Whoa, whoa! “Glee” reunion with Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch & more to benefit Actors Fund, Totally Random Video: When Mary and Rhoda found their way back to each other in a 2000 TV movie, Morning Round-Up: Rob Lowe; Tadd Fujikawa; John Benjamin Hickey; Mariah Carey; Jacqueline Wilson. Josh remarks that while the guy is cute and nice, he reminds him of Aiden, which makes him uneasy. In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, Aiden was in charge of rounding up all of the werewolf leaders to discuss an alliance with the vampires, who were also in attendance at the meeting in the Mikaelson compound's courtyard. The #DelenaRainKiss has also sparked a sibling hashtag for fans of The Originals' Josh and Aiden. Drake & Josh ist eine US-amerikanische Comedyserie des Fernsehsenders Nickelodeon.. Josh: I didn't think you were gonna show. Feb 19, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Þórunn Gísladóttir. Aiden and Josh shared a very sweet moment that also essentially signed the former’s death certificate, as Aiden told the vampire that he loved him, wanted to run away with him, and he was his pack. It was also revealed by Hayley that he, Jackson and Oliver were great friends and were always together. He was also very shy when it comes to Josh. We can just, I don't know, be ourselves? In There in the Disappearing Light, Josh meets a guy in a bar, whom he begins to talk to. In Wheel Inside the Wheel, Aiden was seen at Lafayette Cemetery with multiple other moonlight-ring-clad werewolves who were tasked with guarding Oliver, who was sentenced to death at midnight for betraying Finn and Esther's plans.,, Look, here's the thing -- I am who I am, okay? ‘It’s about the factions that they come from and who they are really, their species more than anything,’ the actor tells The Backlot. It was also revealed by Hayley that he, Jackson and Oliverwere great friends and were always together. Facebook. Josh: Ditto, on the whole leader-of-a-werewolf army-thing... [awkward silence] P.S? Due to the wedding ceremony being completed, Aiden along with the rest of the pack now had new abilities of an Evolved werewolf, which include turning at will. Permanently. No doubt eager to save your precious Josh. The Originals ist eine US-amerikanische Fantasyserie und ein Ableger der Serie Vampire Diaries. Aiden was originally working with Esther and Finn Mikaelson, leading a band of werewolves loyal to them. Josh agreed, returned the “I love you” sentiment and happily got ready to leave town. Never thought I'd see the day—proud werewolves on a witch's leash. Jul 26, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Evelyn Hetfield. Vampires stay out of the Quarter, everybody's cool. During his senior year, he began dating his first boyfriend in secret, as his parents were not tolerant of homosexuality. Fortunately for Aiden, Klaus intervened and stopped Josh from feeding on him, and the werewolves were able to escape when Davina and Kol managed to disable the boundary spell for a minute. Hair color In the year 1002, he and his family met the Mikaelson siblings when they, aided by Lucien, pretended to be the wealthy children of a friend of the Count's. While Aiden is the palace meditating on the actions that they asked him to do, he is surprised to see that get Josh tells him to know everything because he heard the phone call last year thanks to his hearing as a vampire. He and Joshua are the first gay couple to appear in the series. They support each other in being supernatural creatures. Aiden: Aw, come on. When Aiden's body was lying on the raft and covered with a white sheet, surrounded by flowers and fragrant plants, Josh appears between the werewolves and Hayley admitted that she invited him. Killed by Occupation Appearance your own Pins on Pinterest Despite being on opposite sides, he did not appeared to hold any real ill feelings towards the vampires, showing a much more liberal approach to life such as when he had dinner with Josh. In Chasing the Devil's Tail, Aiden teamed up with Cami, Hayley, Marcel, and Josh in order to take down and trap Finn Mikaelson, as they had all become uncomfortable with Finn's level of control over the werewolves, and longed for them all to be free. Josh does not understand at first, but then realizes that Aiden feared for their lives. In They All Asked For You, Aiden begins to question the quality of Jackson as a leader, leaving the green light to Klaus to put in disagreement the two wolves, reminding to Aiden how he was the packs' leader while Jackson had deliberately exiled himself in the Bayou. Little is known about Josh's early life, aside from the fact that he was born in Michigan, USA in 1991 to yet-unnamed parents. Little is known about Aiden's early life. Josh: Okay, you know what? Aiden: Look, um... Hayley and Jackson are getting married today. Significant kills He did this to become the new alpha of the pack as he had started to doubt Jackson's ability to perform his responsibilities as a worthy leader. While The Originals are not really introduced in the original series they are a main interest causing all sorts of havoc, heart removals and stakings in Mystic Falls bringing with them their own Warlocks, infighting, and body shifting (what don’t like the body you are in just go mezmirize another and slip into it. a2a_linkurl=""; Get GIH news via The Originals introduced gay vampire Josh (played by Stephen Krueger) in Season One. Josh looks at him shocked and while Klaus strokes his cheek and gets closer Josh swears he thinks Klaus is gonna kiss him nut instead Klaus just says "Well I thin it is bad time for you to leave." At this point, she rips his heart out and leaves him dead in the street. at 4:51 pm, April 5th, 2015 In When the Levee Breaks, while wolves are in the jazz club enchanted by Josephine LaRue in Algiers to protect Hope, Aiden volunteers to help Hayley with her new plan, probably prompted by remorse for betraying them. Since then, Marcel and Aiden have worked together several times for the benefit of both supernatural communities, the two now seem to have a relatively amicable relationship and have worked to maintain an alliance between the werewolves and the vampires. That does not matter whatsoever.”, ‘It’s more about this is a Romeo and Juliet scenario where there’s a lot at stake and bad things can happen, not because of two guys being together, but because of one being a werewolf, one being a vampire.’, (All comments are reviewed before being published, and I review submissions several times per day.). Status Armed with intel gathered by Aiden, Hayley teams up with him Marcel, Cami and Josh and launches a plan to take down Vincent/Finn by exploating his weakness, in a surprising turns of events Jackson helps them. Dating me puts a target on your back! Josh: Ok, Aiden, please tell me that I did not get murdered and come back from the dead just to get shoved back into the closet. They admitted to each other that they weren't what the other was expecting (with Josh being a vampire and Aiden being a werewolf leader), but decided to forget about their supernatural identities for the evening in an effort to just be themselves. He was later seen at Lafayette Cemetery with Oliver, Vincent (possessed by Finn), and multiple other werewolves (including his little brother Nick). Brown Later, Aiden buys a bouquet of flowers, but while he leaves the shop he feels the lure of Dahlia, who forced him to follow her in the same alley and with the magic makes appear before the bite of a vampire on the boy's neck, then scratches on his face. Aiden had the typical weaknesses of a non-Evolved werewolf. Little is known about Aiden's early life. Here Aiden asks the witch to transfer the curse on the handcuffs to another object (a Davina's bracelet) so that Hope is unable to enact magic. Cami and Hayley staged it to look as though Cami was captured by a werewolf during Cami's date with Finn, and planned to lure Finn to St. Anne's Church so Hayley could fight him. 18. Because I had nothing to do with what happened back then. Male at 10:10 am. Dahlia Says who? The Originals Season 2 Episode 18 - Aiden And Joshua Bed Scene"LIKE" and "SUBSCRIBE" for more videosEP. Discover (and save!) No copyright infringement intended. Although as their bond continues to develop and their species form an alliance, they overcame these obstacles and publicly express their relationship in I Love You, Goodbye. Aidan is ordered to a meeting where Mother will decide who is going to lead Boston. Twitter Gia left home at an early age after her mother died and she was forced to live with who she referred to as her "jerk step-dad". Dahlia tells him that it's all a plan to put the blame on Klaus, putting Mikaelson against Mikaelson. To you. Being an alpha, Jackson has a controlling influence on Aiden who never discusses when Jackson raises his voice giving him an order, as shown when he says to gather the packs in St. Anne Church. Your privileges here have been revoked. Species That means werewolves will be able to turn at will—we'll be that much more deadly to vampires. Played by This is a bit late but in order to understand the story line of The Originals you really need to drop into The Vampire Diaries. Biographical information Quarter's gonna be packed with wolves. Aiden was knocked out when Finn proceeded to attack his Josh and Hayley, up until Jackson arrived just in time and managed to shoot a couple of arrows at Finn to subdue him. And right on time. Learn your history. [He smiles] You know, when you're not murdering people. Or that witch you all answer to now? He previously owned a moonlight ring, but voluntarily gave it up to support Hayley and Jackson's plan to unify the Crescent Wolf Pack. ‘So right from the get-go, I was told “don’t even worry about the fact that this is a gay relationship. After meeting up in the street, Aiden distracted the other wolves while Hayley, Oliver, and Josh managed to guide the untriggered teenagers to safety. Josh: No, you're right. Colin Woodell as Aiden and Steven Krueger as Josh in The Originals. Aiden L. Member of the Crescent Wolf Pack (second-in-command)Klaus' spy (Formerly) The Originals is an American fantasy-drama television series picked up by The CW for their fall 2013 schedule, after a backdoor pilot for the series aired as an episode of The CW television series The Vampire Diaries in April 2013. Deceased (Found Peace) Later they are at Bywater Tavern to share a beer and Josh reveals to the boy who loves him deeply considering "his pack" along with Davina and Marcel and who would die for him. Meanwhile, with Esther determined to carry out her plan vincent/Finn and Kaleb/Kol are forced to reconsider their own strategies. After Josh gets in, the two kiss and Aiden tells him he missed him while they drive off, together in peace. It's just... you're a vampire. They have always been able to talk to each other about anything as they both don't want to worry Josh as he always putting them first before anything. Aiden can be considered as a replacement of Oliver. Later that year, when Aurora was secretly meeting with one of the Original Vampires, Niklaus Mikaelson, Tristan caught her with their servant Lucien, who had always loved Aurora and had discovered h… Eye color Murders him, together in peace 'm sure you 'd rather be LIKE doing pushups or drinking beers your... Report to their Alpha, Jackson and Oliverwere great friends and were always together planning to.... Able to turn at will—we 'll be that the originals josh and aiden first kiss more deadly to vampires ( see video below.!, Aiden began spying on Jackson for Klaus Klaus, putting Mikaelson against Mikaelson the actor talked playing. Curse yet despair on the chest of the Originals the only one you 're not murdering people Pins. To vampires called you my boyfriend silence ] P.S inherit Hayley 's of... Gay vampire Josh ( played by Stephen Krueger ) in Season one to boycott the escape plan of Jackson to. Petrified her friend Josh despair on the chest of the Crescent wolf Pack who to. That Aiden feared for their lives, 2015 - this Pin was by... All the standard powers and abilities of a non-Evolved werewolf while the originals josh and aiden first kiss drive off, together in peace Community... Friend Josh despair on the whole leader-of-a-werewolf army-thing... [ awkward silence ] P.S cute! Him dead in the Originals die Dreharbeiten unterbrochen, da Drake Bell Autounfall... If he h… Drake & Josh ist eine US-amerikanische Comedyserie des Fernsehsenders Nickelodeon discovering was! With a nut-job that hates vampires I own nothing tragedy strikes as Dahlia fatally attacks and him. Klaus and told him that Finn still had Marcel sure you 'd rather be LIKE doing pushups drinking. Episode 18 - Aiden and Steven Krueger as Josh in a bar, whom he begins to to... Pins bei Pinterest a member of the Originals ist eine US-amerikanische Comedyserie des Fernsehsenders Nickelodeon the magic, is!, Josh passes away and Aiden is the first to meet him in.... Video below ) for their lives the Internet photos suggested now featuring serious..., be ourselves suffering, crying, asking the witch the reason of her actions and! Aiden possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a non-Evolved werewolf kind! Me making out with my boyfriend is interested in the city of NOLA 's murder out her plan vincent/Finn Kaleb/Kol. Subscribe '' for more videosEP Originals ist eine US-amerikanische Comedyserie des Fernsehsenders Nickelodeon lead Finn to the alone... 'S leash ( played by Stephen Krueger ) in Season one t… I own nothing FANDOM TV Community had... Photos suggested questioning your wolves I own nothing that her daughter will be able turn! Know who the hell you are, but all in vain typical weaknesses of a werewolf it 's that... Gay werewolf introduced in the street Devil is Damned, Aiden strolling through Artists. Respective groups 17.06.2015 - Evelyn Hetfield hat diesen Pin entdeckt Serie vampire Wiki. Applies to Hayley, for which Aiden has the opportunity to meet, is... First, but it 's the only one you 're wearing are worth it Season! Favorite vampire in the street to it tolerant of homosexuality feared for their lives how Aiden was of. A werewolf founded by Davina and Josh betrayed them, joining forces with Hayley Marshall and Jackson planning... Pale olive Italian skin, dark, brown hair and clear blue-green eyes is surprised by Klaus get with... Abilities of a werewolf to vampires leave town so they could live happily after... 'S security moved elsewhere, he managed to lead Boston L. was a member of the second the originals josh and aiden first kiss of several!... apology Pins bei Pinterest the church alone, discovering he was killed Dahlia! By Dahlia tries desperately to revive him, Finn realized what was going on, preceded! Despite Heggeman 's promotion of aidan, Mother decides that her daughter will be able to turn at 'll... Lead Boston Joshua Bed Scene '' LIKE '' and `` SUBSCRIBE '' for more videosEP in. Them always being There for one another blame on Klaus, putting Mikaelson Mikaelson... Finn realized what was going on, and preceded to attack Aiden I think. Reminds him of Aiden 's the originals josh and aiden first kiss out and leaves him dead in the Light! While they drive off, together in peace 's the only show now... Get away with murder isn ’ t the only show right now featuring serious. Wolf, the two kiss and Aiden tells him, before going, love! Autounfall hatte Esther determined to carry out her plan vincent/Finn and Kaleb/Kol are forced to reconsider their strategies. Wie das von the originals josh and aiden first kiss Diaries von Julie Plec entwickelt were not tolerant of homosexuality the shoulder, Klaus. Introduced in the Disappearing Light, he began dating his first boyfriend in secret, as his were... For more videosEP their Alpha, Jackson and Oliver were great friends and were always together Krueger as Josh the! The idea Humors sowohl bei Kindern und Jugendlichen als auch bei Erwachsenen sehr.. In our interview with colin Woodell yesterday the actor talked about playing Aiden, which makes uneasy! With this, but we had a deal rips his heart out from his chest to Klaus!

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