portulacaria afra 'variegata

Genus: Portulacaria. Take cuttings in spring or summer for the best results. It is a popular semi-perennial succulent shrub native to South Africa. Similar to the more common Portulacaria afra form but will leaves about twice the size and more widely spaced. The variegated Portulacaria Afra’Variegata’ is known as the Rainbow Elephant Bush. There are quite a few types of Portulacaria Afras. In spring, when the plants start to get more sunlight, water the Elephant Bush as soon as the first layer of soil (approximately 1 inch) becomes completely dry. The Portulacaria afra care guide is the semi-evergreen, soft-wooded upright small tree or shrub that generally has a height of between 2.5 and 4.5 meters. Description of Dwarf Jade Plant, Portulacaria afra. This process won’t take a lot of time because the Portulacaria Afra stem cuttings will take roots in 4 to 6 weeks regardless of the environment, as long as they get enough heat and sunlight. The Portulacaria Afra doesn’t mind dry environments, so it’s much more resistant than other bonsai plants such as maples or tamarinds. Portulacaria, Elephant Bush, Elephant Food, Purslane Tree, Spekboom 'Variegata' Portulacaria afra. Usage. Portulacaria Afra or the Elephant Bush succulent is quite amazing and it growing it has many advantages. They are drought tolerant but do require watering from spring to fall. The optimal seasons for taking cuttings and propagating the Elephant Bush are spring and summer. Very small, pale pink flowers are produced in clusters at the ends of stems in summer If the weather is nice and the nights are warm and the temperatures do not drop below 40°F (4°C), you can move your potted Elephant Bush plants outside. Portulacaria afra, or elephant bush, is a small succulent shrub native to Eastern South Africa. Overly bright sunlight can char the leaves and cause them to drop off. Its roots are very adaptable and thrive in shallow bonsai containers. The stems become interwoven as the plant ages. The Succulent Source offers a huge selection of succulents, cactii and also gift sets and items for weddings. They have small, green leaves (sometimes variegated) and add a verdant touch with little maintenance. These have similar qualities and features as Portulacaria Afra but the leaves take on an attractive hue of variegated cream and green stripes. Company No.05695741 Bonsai masters use the Elephant Plant to create spectacular bonsai. This variety of Portulacaria … As the plant matures, its soft-wooded stems get thicker. Tough, drought-tolerant variety that can handle full sun but it will thrive in fairly shady areas too. View gallery. Most gardeners will propagate this succulent from cuttings. Portulacaria afra ‘Variegata’ (“Rainbow Elephant Bush”) is a small-leaved succulent with creamy-white and green leaves. The plant will acclimate to the new growing conditions at its own pace, so do not be surprised if the leaves get a little sunburned. Select Language. It is a beautiful plant in which caring is very easy. Portulacaria afra ‘Variegata’ is a beautiful shrubby plant with mahogany-colored stems that are accented by highly succulent yellow leaves with green midstripes.The habit of this plant differs from the upright stance of elephant bush in that it is somewhat cascading … Subscribe now and be up to date with our latest news and updates. If you have an indoor garden, make sure you place the Elephant Bush near a south-facing window. Copyright © 2013-2020 World of Succulents. Jade is Crassula ovata, a completely different Family, Genus and Species. Portulacaria afra f. variegata is a slow-growing, much-branched succulent shrub with attractive, reddish-brown stems and glossy green leaves heavily variegated with cream.

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