lafayette parish tax assessor

Enter numerals only in the block below. Personal property taxes are payable online via Delta Computer Systems, Inc., linked below. In-depth Lafayette Parish, LA Property Tax Information. Lafayette Parish Assessor Conrad Comeaux said the taxable value of property across the parish dropped 6.6% in the past year, while property tax values in the city of Lafayette fell 4.4%. This property includes all real estate, all business movable property (personal property), and all oil & gas property and equipment. The St. Landry Parish Tax Collector, which is the St. Landry Parish Sheriff, is responsible for sending tax bills and collecting taxes based on the assessments and the millage rates. As your Caddo Parish Assessor, my mission is to fairly and equitably assess all property in Caddo Parish for ad valorem tax purposes. Your search will return a results set with basic information about all matching properties, which you may download in spreadsheet form. Free Search. This website serves to provide helpful facts on the valuation and tax process as well as to explain the benefits available through various exemptions. ; Enter one or more parameter in the entry fields below. The Lafayette Parish Assessor is warning of the consequences that could come after the Mayor-President vetoed a property tax increase. Your assessment number can be found on correspondence sent to you from the assessor's office regarding your property taxes. Lafayette Parish vital records can be found at the Louisiana Office of Vital Records which has copies of birth and death records since July 1914. If you have questions about your tax notice contact Lafayette Parish. Note also that accepting an auto-suggest name can still result in multiple results, as "JOE DEAUX SUBDIVISION" will also return "JOE DEAUX SUBDIVISION EXTENSION I" etc. Some correspondence will show a number of one to six digits. County Office is not affiliated with any government agency. The information supplied by the Lafayette Parish Assessor's office is public information data and must be accepted and used with the understanding that the data was collected for the purpose of creating a Property Tax Roll per Louisiana Statute. For technical issues please contact Sidwell's helpdesk. Your Assessor’s office is charged with the responsibility to identify and value all property within the Parish of Ouachita. Users are limited to a reasonable volume of property searches. For research purposes, you can click or hover for details about these prior account(s) from which this account was split, by date: The property originally defined in this parcel was split into the following parcels at these dates - click or hover any for more info: Neighborhood: {{neighborhood.NeighborhoodCode}} {{neighborhood.NeighborhoodDesc}}. Where can find Lafayette Parish Birth, marriage, Divorce and Death Records? Lafayette Parish Assessor's Office Services. The Ascension Parish Assessor is responsible for discovery, listing, and valuing all property in the Parish for ad valorem tax purposes. Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau; American Community Survey, 2018 ACS 5-Year Estimates. All Rights Reserved. The median property tax (also known as real estate tax) in Lafayette Parish is $583.00 per year, based on a median home value of $151,600.00 and a median effective property tax rate of 0.38% of property value.. Lafayette Parish collects fairly low property taxes, and is among the lower 25% of all counties in the United States ranked by property tax collections. Property assessments performed by the Assessor are used to determine the Lafayette Parish property taxes owed by individual taxpayers. Search For. Taxable property includes land and commercial properties, often referred to as real property or real estate, and fixed assets owned by businesses, often referred to as personal property. This property includes all real estate, all business movable property (personal property), and all oil & gas property and equipment. Each assessor is mandated by Article VII, Section 18 of the Constitution of Louisiana to determine the fair market value of all property subject to taxation within his respective parish or district except those public service properties which are valued by the Louisiana Tax Commission. Lafayette Parish Assessor's Office Services . Louisiana Revised Statute 47:2154: The tax collector shall seize, advertise, and sell tax The Assessor is responsible for filing the Tax Roll annually with the Louisiana Tax Commission. The department’s phone number is (337) 236-5880 and the mailing address is LPSO Tax Department, P.O. ; For questions on how to use the site, Click Here. ; Existing Search Textbox - Will continue to search, however it will no longer support suggested hints. Tax Year. var CurrentUserName = ' '; About Us Contact Us Effective December 9th 2020, the AGI to be eligible … The information supplied by the Lafayette Parish Assessor's office is public information data and must be accepted and used with the understanding that the data was collected for the purpose of creating a Property Tax Roll per Louisiana Statute. Any questions about taxes or tax payments should be directed to the New Orleans Bureau of Treasury, (504) 658-1712 or [email protected] . Taxable personal property includes automobiles, trucks, mobile homes, trailers, campers, airplanes and business property. Thank you for visiting the Caddo Parish Assessor's Web site. To calculate the taxes on your property, you must take the assessed value, which is a percentage of "fair market value", and multiply it by the appropriate tax or millage rate to arrive at the amount due. New Search Tool - Allows for a more focused search experience which supports suggested hints. Use this search to get a report on all the properties contained within a subdivision, with the ability to see detailed information on any given property. Search By. Please visit the news link for more information. Terms and Conditions of Sale . Find Lafayette Parish Home Values, Property Tax Payments (Annual), Property Tax Collections (Total), and Housing Characteristics. Also, the Assessor must maintain maps (GIS), land descriptions, and ownership inventory on each parcel of land in Beauregard Parish. Find 11 external resources related to Lafayette Parish Assessor's Office. And, you may also click "Search" when you have entered only a partial term such as "HOLDEN" or "RIVER RANCH" to return multiple matches for further examination. Information found on is strictly for informational purposes and does not construe legal, financial or medical advice. The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office Tax Department is located at 1010 Lafayette Street, 4th Floor, Lafayette, LA 70501. Terms of Use Agreement. -Conrad T. Comeaux, Lafayette Parish Assessor Accounts are sometimes divided to reflect changes in parcel definitions arising from sales, splits, inheritances, etc. If you have questions about your tax notice contact Lafayette Parish. Lafayette Parish, LA Vital Records. The Lafayette Parish Assessor makes no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of this data for any particular use and assumes no liability for the use or misuse of this public information and data. Welcome to the Ouachita Parish Assessor Website! GIS Maps are produced by … Lafayette Parish - Adjudicated Listing. Application built and hosted by Lafayette Parish Online Tax Inquiry. Physical Address. Tips. Box 92590 Lafayette, LA 70509. Your comments, suggestions, and questions are very valuable to us as we continue to develop our database products. var _menu = [{"PK_MENU_ID":1,"FK_PARENT_ID":null,"MENU":"Home","CONTROLLER":"Home","ACTION":"Index","PATH":"Home/Index","HAS_CHILDREN":0,"POSITION":1,"TARGET":null,"IS_MENU":true,"HIDDEN":null,"PK_MENU_PERM_ID":1,"FK_MENU_ID":1,"FK_ROLE_ID":1,"FK_ROLE_STATUS_ID":1,"PK_ROLE_ID":1,"DESCRIPTION":"Public"},{"PK_MENU_ID":8,"FK_PARENT_ID":5,"MENU":"Real Estate Search","CONTROLLER":"Property","ACTION":"RealEstateSearch","PATH":"Poperty/RealEstateSearch","HAS_CHILDREN":0,"POSITION":1,"TARGET":null,"IS_MENU":true,"HIDDEN":null,"PK_MENU_PERM_ID":22,"FK_MENU_ID":8,"FK_ROLE_ID":1,"FK_ROLE_STATUS_ID":1,"PK_ROLE_ID":1,"DESCRIPTION":"Public"},{"PK_MENU_ID":19,"FK_PARENT_ID":null,"MENU":"Assessor Info","CONTROLLER":"Home","ACTION":"Topics","PATH":"Home/Topics","HAS_CHILDREN":1,"POSITION":2,"TARGET":null,"IS_MENU":true,"HIDDEN":null,"PK_MENU_PERM_ID":43,"FK_MENU_ID":19,"FK_ROLE_ID":1,"FK_ROLE_STATUS_ID":1,"PK_ROLE_ID":1,"DESCRIPTION":"Public"},{"PK_MENU_ID":9,"FK_PARENT_ID":5,"MENU":"Personal Property Search","CONTROLLER":"Property","ACTION":"TangibleSearch","PATH":"Property/TangibleSearch","HAS_CHILDREN":0,"POSITION":2,"TARGET":null,"IS_MENU":true,"HIDDEN":null,"PK_MENU_PERM_ID":23,"FK_MENU_ID":9,"FK_ROLE_ID":1,"FK_ROLE_STATUS_ID":1,"PK_ROLE_ID":1,"DESCRIPTION":"Public"},{"PK_MENU_ID":2,"FK_PARENT_ID":19,"MENU":"Topics Of Note","CONTROLLER":"Home","ACTION":"Topics","PATH":"Home/Topics","HAS_CHILDREN":0,"POSITION":2,"TARGET":null,"IS_MENU":true,"HIDDEN":null,"PK_MENU_PERM_ID":2,"FK_MENU_ID":2,"FK_ROLE_ID":1,"FK_ROLE_STATUS_ID":1,"PK_ROLE_ID":1,"DESCRIPTION":"Public"},{"PK_MENU_ID":1024,"FK_PARENT_ID":5,"MENU":"Assessor Map","CONTROLLER":null,"ACTION":null,"PATH":"","HAS_CHILDREN":0,"POSITION":2,"TARGET":"_blank","IS_MENU":true,"HIDDEN":null,"PK_MENU_PERM_ID":1070,"FK_MENU_ID":1024,"FK_ROLE_ID":1,"FK_ROLE_STATUS_ID":1,"PK_ROLE_ID":1,"DESCRIPTION":"Public"},{"PK_MENU_ID":3,"FK_PARENT_ID":19,"MENU":"Meet Conrad","CONTROLLER":"Home","ACTION":"AssessorBio","PATH":"Home/AssessorBio","HAS_CHILDREN":0,"POSITION":3,"TARGET":null,"IS_MENU":true,"HIDDEN":null,"PK_MENU_PERM_ID":3,"FK_MENU_ID":3,"FK_ROLE_ID":1,"FK_ROLE_STATUS_ID":1,"PK_ROLE_ID":1,"DESCRIPTION":"Public"},{"PK_MENU_ID":4,"FK_PARENT_ID":19,"MENU":"Assessment Facts","CONTROLLER":"Home","ACTION":"Facts","PATH":"Home/Facts","HAS_CHILDREN":0,"POSITION":4,"TARGET":null,"IS_MENU":true,"HIDDEN":null,"PK_MENU_PERM_ID":4,"FK_MENU_ID":4,"FK_ROLE_ID":1,"FK_ROLE_STATUS_ID":1,"PK_ROLE_ID":1,"DESCRIPTION":"Public"},{"PK_MENU_ID":1023,"FK_PARENT_ID":5,"MENU":"Google Street View","CONTROLLER":null,"ACTION":null,"PATH":",+Lafayette,+LA+70501/@30.2224771,-92.0207854,3a,75y,266h,90t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s-RRPCrMHED5wmQZVMl4OvA!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x86249c8f15e0b135:0x8a31cab28009a7a3!8m2!3d30.2224501!4d-92.0210981","HAS_CHILDREN":null,"POSITION":4,"TARGET":"_blank","IS_MENU":true,"HIDDEN":null,"PK_MENU_PERM_ID":1069,"FK_MENU_ID":1023,"FK_ROLE_ID":1,"FK_ROLE_STATUS_ID":1,"PK_ROLE_ID":1,"DESCRIPTION":"Public"},{"PK_MENU_ID":5,"FK_PARENT_ID":null,"MENU":"Property / Map Search","CONTROLLER":"Property","ACTION":"RealEstateSearch","PATH":"Property/RealEstateSearch","HAS_CHILDREN":1,"POSITION":5,"TARGET":null,"IS_MENU":true,"HIDDEN":null,"PK_MENU_PERM_ID":5,"FK_MENU_ID":5,"FK_ROLE_ID":1,"FK_ROLE_STATUS_ID":1,"PK_ROLE_ID":1,"DESCRIPTION":"Public"},{"PK_MENU_ID":6,"FK_PARENT_ID":null,"MENU":"Tax Estimator","CONTROLLER":"Home","ACTION":"TaxEstimator","PATH":"Home/TaxEstimator","HAS_CHILDREN":0,"POSITION":6,"TARGET":null,"IS_MENU":true,"HIDDEN":null,"PK_MENU_PERM_ID":6,"FK_MENU_ID":6,"FK_ROLE_ID":1,"FK_ROLE_STATUS_ID":1,"PK_ROLE_ID":1,"DESCRIPTION":"Public"},{"PK_MENU_ID":7,"FK_PARENT_ID":null,"MENU":"Download Forms / Tax Roll / Parcels","CONTROLLER":"Home","ACTION":"Forms","PATH":"Home/Forms","HAS_CHILDREN":0,"POSITION":7,"TARGET":null,"IS_MENU":true,"HIDDEN":null,"PK_MENU_PERM_ID":7,"FK_MENU_ID":7,"FK_ROLE_ID":1,"FK_ROLE_STATUS_ID":1,"PK_ROLE_ID":1,"DESCRIPTION":"Public"},{"PK_MENU_ID":16,"FK_PARENT_ID":null,"MENU":"Links","CONTROLLER":"Home","ACTION":"Links","PATH":"Home/Links","HAS_CHILDREN":0,"POSITION":8,"TARGET":null,"IS_MENU":true,"HIDDEN":null,"PK_MENU_PERM_ID":36,"FK_MENU_ID":16,"FK_ROLE_ID":1,"FK_ROLE_STATUS_ID":1,"PK_ROLE_ID":1,"DESCRIPTION":"Public"},{"PK_MENU_ID":10,"FK_PARENT_ID":null,"MENU":"Contact Us","CONTROLLER":"Home","ACTION":"Contact","PATH":"Home/Contact","HAS_CHILDREN":0,"POSITION":9,"TARGET":null,"IS_MENU":true,"HIDDEN":null,"PK_MENU_PERM_ID":24,"FK_MENU_ID":10,"FK_ROLE_ID":1,"FK_ROLE_STATUS_ID":1,"PK_ROLE_ID":1,"DESCRIPTION":"Public"}];

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