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A giant Bromeliad that that can get up to 1.5m high by 1.5m wide. Aug 13, 2020. Most Prices $3 & $4. by Robin Lockhart. Pick up in Annandale. The giant Puya raimondii from the Andes which grows to around 3m tall.. Yay! Extremely LARGE Bromeliad - giant Alcantarea Imperialis Two fully grown Alcantarea plants for sale. Copyright © 2007-2021 Marktplaats B.V. All Rights Reserved. Home; About Us; Contact Us; The Olive Branch Bromeliad Nursery. 5= Small Succulent Plants $3, Large Succulent Plants $4 3 Giant Tillandsia Caput Medusae Air Plants - 6 to 8 inch - Live House Plants for Sale - Indoor Terrarium Air Plant . See my other ads for more pics as pics will not upload.Varieties for SUN & SHADE. No Reserve. Bromeliads are generally easy to grow and popular plants for tropical landscaping with brilliant, long lasting blooms and ornamental foliage. The possibilities are endless. Increase in price based on size/rarity. A large and stunning bromeliad variety, makes a great statement in any garden. Can even be grown indoors. / Bromeliads / Page 1 of 14. See for yourself in a private tropical garden, that featured in the Gardening Section of The Herald Sun on 10th February 2008 ,& has ex. $80.00. Clumping Betel Nut (Areca triandra) Macarthur palms (Ptychosperma macarthurii) 4= Large Paddle Plants $4 Bromeliads and plumeria for sale from our nursery in Naples, FL. Summer Seedlings - Vegetables, Fruit, Herbs, Flowers, Chilli, MID SUMMER SEEDLING AVAILABILITY – UPDATED JANUARY 14 The Super Summer Seedling Sale continues... We are all ready to go for Autumn planting we just need a few more weeks to pass! They come in a wide range of sizes from tiny miniatures to giants. BROMELIADS Filter Close menu. We offer a full range of Bromeliads, from tiny Tillandsia to giant Alcantrea. Alcantarea Vinicolor x imperialis (Divine Plum) From $49.50. Special of the Month VRIESEA NOVA Special of the Month VRIESEA NOVA Special of the Month VRIESEA NOVA Special of the Month VRIESEA NOVA Welcome to Wholesale Bromeliads of Australia - the place to come to buy top quality bromeliads. $200 each and local pick up only Located Taren Point 2229. The delicate Spanish Moss, Tillandsia usneoides. This would have to be three times the size of those sold at Bunnings .... magnificent! On Sale. 13= Silver Pigs Ear Plants $4 Native to Eastern Brazil, Alcantarea gets its name from Dom Pedro d'Alcântara, the second Emperor or Brazil. BROMELIAD ALCANTAREA in pots $6 UP pickup Marrickville. Key to first 3 photos below, Ivory cane palm (Pinanga coronata var. 80 cm across Price is firm. Passion fruit plants x30 . Clumping Betel Nut (Areca triandra) Australian fan palm (Licuala ramsayi) 12= Dwarf Jade Plants or Money Plant $4 Bromeliads. Cycad Seedlings. We are a specialist bromeliad nursery situated in The Pocket, a valley 30 minutes north of Byron Bay & two hours south of Brisbane. Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android. If the water puddles on the top of the container, you’ve watered too much. These statement plants soak up the sun and create one of the most eye-catching species in the plant kingdom. Plant Urn to sell together. $6.00. Shop . Available in 300mm, 400mm, 45L, 100L and 200L (double planted). 2= Spider Plants $4 Australian fan palm (Licuala ramsayi) All; Aechmea ... Sign up to receive a discount on your first purchase plus exclusive access to sales, new listing and more ... Shop. Sale. Choose large pots when planting these giants, about 50cm-1m wide and deep, with drainage holes. EVERY TIME YOU SHOP LEARN MORE WE SHIP WORLDWIDE PLANTS FROM THE NEW WORLD, SHIPPED AROUND THE WORLD ... A LEADER IN THE WORLD OF COLLECTOR-GRADE BROMELIADS & SUCCULENTS. Clivias. Quick View. - Bromeliads (indoor/outdoor; flowers red, pink, $5 each ; 1 giant bromeliad that comes in white pot $75, etc.) From the canopy of the rainforest to the harshest of deserts, there is truly a brom for every garden. Simply keep the central ‘tank’ full of water at and it will take care of itself. Planting accessories. If it’s drier or hotter than normal, water more often. Bromeliads, or ‘Broms’ as they are sometimes called, are part of a huge plant family with over 3000 species. Lady palms / lady finger palms (Raphis excelsa) Extremely LARGE Bromeliad - giant Alcantarea Imperialis at 1m in height and 1.2m in width in a 600mm pot. Whether you are starting new garden projects like a Bali garden or Tropical garden, need a quick makeover to sell a house, revamping your balcony garden, patio garden or renovating existing gardens that just need a a bi. Cocos nucifera (Golden Malay Dwarf co, Attractive dwarf growing variety of fruiting coconut palm. They are $30 each or 4 for $100. They are pink and red flowers, healthy with roots coming out of the pots, some having babies coming up. 30cm pot size Click to shop Cycad Seedlings now. A specialist Bromeliad nursery located in Ferny Grove, Queensland, Australia (20min north-west of Brisbane CBD) we grow thousands of different plants to satisfy your needs. Kulii) One of the most impressive of the large Alcantarea bromeliads. Regular price Sale price $10.00 Save $0.00 A Brazilian native with wide, thick, leathery leaves in a 15 inch, recurving rosette. They are in 250mm pots, in great condition and growing strongly. Unfortunately, we will be only shipping to Queensland as the recent outbreaks in NSW and Victoria will d, In this article you will find information on Growing Cold Hardy Heliconias and Gingers Picture a lush tropical garden and I bet the image you conjure up will include heliconias and gingers. 3= Snake or Mother-in-law Tongue Plants $4'hookeri' Other palms available: Water. “I was growing some Alcantarea imperialis, giant bromeliads native to Rio de Janeiro, where they grow on cliffs. FedEx and UPS Options - Temporary Shipping Policies . Click to shop Giant Bromeliads now. Soak the root system, but don’t drown it. Alcantareas do not have extensive root systems, and they don’t usually require any fertiliser. - Succulents (String Of pearls & beans, donkeys tail, etc.) For all orders or further information email: [email protected] or phone Maureen: 09 432 3759. Gift Section. The most well known bromeliad is the pineapple. BROMELIAD NURSERY. That night the temperature plummeted to below freezing, and a couple of days later my precious bromeliads looked like pieces of cardboard. In coastal, Christmas Closure and Beyond!!! Grey pot bromeliad inc pot $15, Giant Bromeliad Alcantarea Imperialis Rubra. We produce more than 50 varieties of Bromeliads, some of which were developed here at Hawaiian Sunshine Nurseries. Macarthur palms (Ptychosperma macarthurii) They can be grown indoors in cooler climates and can also be used outdoors where temperatures stay above freezing. 1= Chocolate Aeoniums (Tree Houseleek) $4 95 ($16.95/Count) Editorial recommendations. Flame thrower palms (Chambeyronia macrocarpa) Kulii) On sale. I have for sale 40 x Alcantarea (Giant) Bromeliads. The flower spike can get to 2m tall with masses of small creamy white flowers, it can take up to 3-5 years before flowering will occur and the flower can last up to 18 months. Plants, Plants and More Plants in Paralowie, Most Prices $3 & $4. We have a large inventory of larger bromeliads, more suited to picking up at the nursery if possible . Most Prices $4 some smaller ones $3. Giant Bromeliads for Sale Selling 3 Giant Bromeliads in Kensington NSW (Left to right) - $75 for Medium size, red under leaf, white pot - $450 for 2 large size (selling as a … Bromeliads Stock Status. Large Bromeliad, good for sunny or part shade areas. Garden Advice; Garden Diary; Services; Gift Card; Contact Us; Home; Blog; Gardening; Bromeliads; Bromeliads. Prefer part shade, though can handle full sun. - Agapanthus (Sending up flowers now) Quick view Bay of Plenty Closing on Saturday, 16 Jan. Click to shop Planting accessories now. Pink and blue flowers on a tall flower spike stand out above the bright green leaves. Selling our indoor or outdoor plants & pots. Oct 12, 2020 - 4 Recommendations. Premiere seller of air plants in the U.S. Get Free Shipping on all orders $120 or more. Growing Bromeliads for full sun to complete shade. They can be grown indoors in cooler climates and can also be used outdoors where temperatures stay above freezing. Stock Status. 0. Part shade to full sun. She sends her plants all over NZ by courier. 6= Giant House Leeks $4 Wholesale Bromeliads of Australia. Dragons Blood Trees (8 yo) $10- to $35- ea, Black Aloe $10-, 20x Biota Bookleaf pines from $10-, Baby Tears $2-, - Bromeliads (bright pink centres) $10- plus speckled Maroon Lge $25-, Canna Tropicana $15-, giant Carnations, Campfire $7-, CRASSULA: sm & med - Ovata Undulata or Curly Jade $5- to 25- ea, Convoluta Gollum or Arborescens or Spoon/Gollum Jade from $6-, Dentata Little Ruby & Irisine. Quick View Pamela Koide-Hyatt. Ping. New. On Sale. 8= Red Devil Bromeliads $4 Available in other sizes. Menu. Macarthur palms (Ptychosperma macarthurii) Self replenishing, easy maintenance and low water needs make Bromeliads perfect for the "Garden Norms" or I have a massive selection for the fastidious Collectors . 4.7 out of 5 stars 298. Plants 1/4 size are $300 at Bunnings. Add description, images, menus and links to your mega menu. Agaves differents sizes from $3 to $10 banana plants of different sizes from $7 Available; Genera. The borders are opening, and airlines are putting more flights on. Blog posts View all. Giant Bromeliads for Sale Selling 3 Giant Bromeliads in Kensington NSW (Left to right) - $75 for Medium size, red under leaf, white pot - $450 for 2 large size (selling as a pair), black pots Accepting offers. Click here to get to our contact form Office hours Office hours. Advert will be deleted immediately on sale so "yes" it is for sale if you see this advert. Delivery & Shipping; Returns & Exchanges; FAQ; Contact Us; Account. Includes Golden Dewdrop Shrub/Hedge Plants $4, Pink Geraniums $4, Carpet Bugle (Ajuga) $4, Chocolate Aeoniums (Tree Houseleek) $4, Spider Plants $4, Lavender Scallops $4, Snake or Mother-in-law Tongue Plants $4, Native Rosemary Bush, $4, Large Paddle Plants $4, Large Succulent Plants $4, Small Succulent Plants $3, Chocolate Pelargoniums $4, Red Devil Bromeliads $4, Red Pelargoniums $4, African Daisies (White, Pink, Lilac & Yellow) $4, Purple Salvia $4, Red & White Salvia $4, Extremely LARGE Bromeliad - giant Alcantarea Imperialis, Extremely LARGE Bromeliad - giant Alcantarea Imperialis Two fully grown Alcantarea plants for sale. - Philo. Kulii) Silver Plum is one of the few true full sun bromeliads, easily capable of growing in all day direct sun. 10= Dollar Plants $4 old pots - different sizes. Bam, Chambeyronia macrocarpa hookeri - Flame thrower palm 500mm, Stunning display on new leaves that can last for a couple of weeks.. - Aloe (1 left) They don't die straight away. Grows well in the sub-tropics. What a wonderful feature plant that can take full sun or part shade. Start price. Most are only $5. Queensland Only. On Sale; New Listings; Grower's Choice; Supplies; Plant Care; Our Story ; Sign Up; Login; Get Free Shipping on all orders $120 or more. $16.95 $ 16. Bromeliads . An unusual gray-blue color, speckled with tiny red dots and bearing an interesting, branched, yellow inflorescence produced in winter make this an attractive species. Bromeliads – Plants for Sale Bromeliads (plants) are readily available for sale in Australia with a range of sizes including, tissue culture stock, through to tube stock and advanced specimens. Please text if interested, thanks. These are not just tiny offsets that have no root base, these are established adults that are perfect for terrariums that stay a manageable size. Water when the potting soil is dry to the touch. Awesome Plants at Budget Prices! This Bromeliad is quite hardy and will tolerate a range of climatic co, Variety of plants, agaves, succulents, bromeliads, banana plants, etc, Variety of plants, succulents, bromeliads, aloe, etc. Pas likes bromeliads "because they've got a really nice shape and colour, all year round. Photo - Linda Ross . Welcome to The Olive Branch! By Happy Sprout | Earns commissions. 1086 listings, showing 1 to 60. This will take some of the pressure off Australia Post road network and hopefully we will see a. Bromeliads are members of a plant family that contains over 3000 described species in approximately 56 genera.

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