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However Hinata is ready; whilst falling, he digs the ball with his feet. Read. He doesn’t see Hinata as a rival, he sees Hinata as a partner to dominate the volleyball world. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Manga Spoilers (2) Haikyuu!! In 2021 the stage is set for the Tokyo Olympics (likely a real-life reference to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics being pushed a year back due to COVID-19). KEEP READING: My Hero Academia: Everything We Know About the U.A. 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Note: This section contains major spoilers for the Upcoming 5th Season of Haikyuu. Read. Before you scroll down I’M BEGGING YOU TO PLEASE READ THE CHAPTER 402 FIRST. In the year 2021, Hinata and Kageyama enter the stage. A man from the volleyball association is there to meet him. Here we would like to mention an interesting fact. In fact we might get glimpses of a number of international games where our beloved duo performs. Haikyuu: Season 4 Episode 13 Spoilers. It has been kind of confirmed that the Haikyuu manga series is coming to an end where Chapter 402 will be the last and final chapter. Haikyuu Spoilers & RAW Chapter 400. ! The series isn't just about one player's development and improvement as an athlete, though. It will probably be a double spread. Read Chapter 402.000 of Haikyuu manga online on ww6.readhaikyuu.com for free. haikyuu 402 spoiler atsumu looks like hes astral projecting out of osamu haikyuu atsumu osamu inarizaki thank you furudate haikyuu memes oikawa tooru atsumu miya osamu miya haikyuu 402 manga haikyuu manga hq shirabu Atsumu and Sakusa are both players for the Japan's V. Haikyuu Atsume! Here's how the manga series wraps up. Chapter 402 is scheduled to release on Sunday, July 19, 2020. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Chapter #402 of Haikyuu! Click the button below to start this article in quick view. I enjoyed the ride very much so! But in the end, it will be the Adlers who win this set. Usually, Haikyuu manga has 15-16 pages but extended version might have somewhat of 35-40 pages. The End or The Beginning?The Future of Haikyuu, Haikyuu 401 Raw Scans, Haikyuu Chapter 401 Spoilers, Predictions, Haikyuu 400 Raw Scans, Haikyuu Chapter 400 Spoilers, Predictions, Haikyuu 399 Raw Scans, Haikyuu Chapter 399 Release Date, Haikyuu 398 Raw Scans, Haikyuu Chapter 398 Release Date, Haikyuu 397 Raw Scans, Haikyuu Chapter 397 Release Date, Read One Piece 989 Manga Spoilers And Raw Scans, Kingdom 652 Spoilers and Kingdom Chapter 652 Raw Scans, Black Clover 263 Spoilers and Black Clover Chapter 263 Raw, Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 120 Spoilers And Raw Scans, Blue Lock Chapter 98 Spoilers And Raw Scans Details. The night before the second day of nationals, Karasuno prepares to play against their next opponent. We never find out who wins out of Japan and Argentina at the Olympics. Haikyuu!! !, "Challengers," by Haruichi Furudate, Adrienne Beck and Erika Terriquez, available in English now from Viz Media. On the Adlers' side, Kageyama now has Hoshiumi Korai, the "Little Giant" of Kamomedai; Ushijima Wakatoshi, ace of Shiratorizawa and Nicolas Romero, a world-class volleyball player from Brazil. had over 35 million copies in print. In #Chapter 402, the series finale, a time skip several years after high school reveals that most of the Karasuno High School players have gone their separate ways, some still continuing to play volleyball on a professional level and some choosing another career path, with Hinata heading to Brazil to do some beach volleyball training. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. We will get to see Hinata and Kageyama get to perform on an international level. Add / Remove Bookmark: Once a bookmark is set, click on the icon above the page slider at the bottom to go directly to that page. Kuro invites Hinata to collaborate with him in a video. Note : We will redirect raw/spoilers to proper chapter once its available. Oikawa was absent from the V League game and it will be amazing to see his return. They’re both at the same level now. Although they end up being teammates at Karasuno, the two never stopped competing against each other -- whether it be in playing skills or in running races. The scans will be picked up by scanlators who will release the fan translated English version on 17 July, 2020. With bittersweet memories, we look back at our amazing journey and await Haikyuu 402. On 19 July, 2020, the Official English translations come out. The digital version of the final chapter will be out on Viz and Manga Plus. So far, no spoilers are available but we are trying our best to get them for you. But what happens when the guy he wants to defeat ends up being his teammate?! Tsuki’s match is coming and his friends are eager to watch. The image here shows the sports manga over the course of time: Let us have a quick recap of the penultimate chapter and also check our articles on One Piece 985 and Solo Leveling 111 as they will be releasing soon. Haikyuu Chapter 402. We might see the new player Romero in Haikyuu 402, playing for his home team. According to the reports, chapter 402 will be the last chapter of the manga and both chapters 401 and 402 will be extended. The manga series created by Haruichi Furudate will be coming to an end and fans are already emotional, saying goodbye to their favorite characters. The manga series created by Haruichi Furudate will be coming to an end and fans are already emotional, saying goodbye to their favorite characters. Now, let us look forward to the second cour of Haikyuu anime season 4, which is coming on Fall Season, 2020. Anime and Manga fanatic who loves sharing the latest news of the upcoming manga chapters and anime episodes. They end up competing against each other at the pro level; they're teammates on Team Japan at the Olympics and a year later, on opposing sides again with Hinata playing for Brazil and Kageyama for Italy in the World Championship. Hinata has won his debut match! So far, no spoilers are available but we are trying our best to get them for you. Please be patient and keep an eye on our site. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Chapter #402 of Haikyuu! We are excited about the colored page in the middle. Hinata is the wild card since nobody has any stats on him since he disappeared to Brazil. Haikyuu Chapter 402 is confirmed as the last and final chapter of the manga series. This is the area where we will upload the spoilers for Haikyuu Chapter 402. Fandom Gatekeeping Over 'The Big Three' Anime Is Ridiculous, Slam Dunk Set the Gold Standard for Shonen Rivalries, My Hero Academia: Everything We Know About the U.A. Which means they will have more pages than usual. When Kageyama and Hinata first meet, Hinata loses badly to Kageyama but vows to one day beat him. In the last few rallies of the fourth set, each player's high school banner's slogan flares behind them as a nostalgic throwback to the values that they still live and breathe by. Won the 61st Shogakukan Manga Award for the shounen category in 2015. In fact, Haikyuu is the sports series with the least number of haters. That story doesn't change even after they graduate high school. It’s the division where the monster generation has landed. 1. Traitor So Far, One Piece #1,000: Luffy's Brand-New Power Leaves Kaido & Big Mom STUNNED, Dragon Ball: The Most Iconic Screams in the Anime's History. Previous Post Previous Haikyuu Chapter 402 (Final Chapter) (Spoiler and Korean Raw) Haikyuu Chapter 402 (Final Chapter) Read Haikyu!! Recent Top. #haikyuu #haikyuu!! Check out the article below for all details, renewal status, spoilers and more! After losing his first and last volleyball match against Tobio Kageyama, "the King of the Court," Shoyo Hinata swears to become his rival after graduating middle school. Kageyama said that he is going on ahead. Hoshiumi is at an interview. Hinata spikes craftily. Haikyuu Manga 402 will be the final chapter. Spoilers for chapter 402 ⬇️ ⬇️ I had so much conflicting emotions regarding the ending. Hinata has caught up. Leaked scan show that Haikyuu!! Haikyuu Manga Chapter 400 spoilers will probably give us more of this back and forth rally that we all love in the series. Bleach: Byakuya Kuchiki Vs. Toshiro Hitsugaya - Which Captain Would Win? With everyone from Karasuno and the other players that Hinata and Kageyama have faced in their first year of high school present, this match-up is the first of the V-League season. For nearly a decade, he has supplied us with consistent chapters and created one of the most iconic sports anime of all time.

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