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The 50 Best Netflix Original Movies, Ranked Four animated films, two documentaries, two Adam Sandler movies, and twenty-seven films produced outside of the United States. Max Schreck’s insectlike performance as the bloodthirsty Count Orlok is just as transfixing and repulsive as it was almost a century ago. Later, it would be a major influence on La La Land.—Tomris Laffly, Director Roman Polanski and screenwriter Robert Towne took a modestly sleazy noir setup and turned it into a meditation on the horrors of American history and rapacious capitalism. Veer Kapoor lives in a palatial bungalow in Goa along with his girlfriend, Vidya, and a maid, Mary. Put on the gloves and LaMotta is in his element; take them off and he’s an insecure sociopath consumed by sexual jealousy. We just couldn't resist. M is like a sonar listening to a pre-Nazi Germany on the cusp of shedding its humanity.—Joshua Rothkopf, Set in (eek!) Movies with 40 or more critic reviews vie for their place in history … And it’s all topped off by Harrison Ford’s pitch-perfect Indiana Jones, a model of reluctant but resourceful heroism (look at his face when he shoots that swordsman). The unexpected arrival of his elder NRI brother and assorted characters complicates the life of a Goan male. It was shot guerrilla-style on the streets of the Scottish city, so look out for the footage of genuinely baffled passersby.—Anna Smith, Both a sequel and a reboot, the fourth entry in director George Miller’s series of post-apocalyptic gearhead epics fuses death-defying stunts with modern special effects to give us one of the all-time-great action movies. Spielberg proved that less is more when it comes to crafting a feeling of dread, barely even showing us the beast that went on to haunt a whole generation.—Dave Calhoun, The deliciously dark, stylish genre of film noir simply wouldn’t exist without Double Indemnity. All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. Often regarded as the funniest of the Marx Brothers’ oeuvre, the film is also—sadly—timeless, as its portrayal of a war-mongering dictatorship remains relevant to this day.—Anna Smith, An unlikely pick? Screened at the Pentagon for its topical significance during the early phases of the Iraq War, Algiers has its rebellious legacy vested in numerous politically charged epics, from Z to Steven Spielberg’s Munich.—Tomris Laffly, Pedro Almodóvar broke into the mainstream with this gloriously colorful ensemble comedy, an entry point for many into a style of smart, sexually liberated European cinema. In weaving their stories together, Mann presents dueling but equally weighted perspectives, with our allegiance as viewers constantly shifting. This list of the top films ever made was created by taking best movie suggestions from Ranker users and letting them vote to determine which famous movies are the best … 1 Lakh from his NRI brother, Dharam, which he uses to fund his band, as well as the dilapidated Gym of his friends, Prem and Jhanvi Chopra. After Tobu applies pressure, Veer desperately rents the bungalow to a Zee Super Lottery Winner, Raghuvandas Goverdhandas Vakawale - but even more chaos and complications arise with the unexpected arrival of Dharam. 100) Stand By Me. Toshiro Mifune is superb as the half-crazed self-styled samurai, but it’s Takashi Shimura’s Yoda-like leader who gives the film its emotional center. As much as Orson Welles’s Citizen Kane did with the films of the ’20s, ’30s, and early ’40s, The Conformist offers a powerful compendium of cinematic techniques from the eras preceding it.—Bilge Ebiri, Let John Carpenter’s real masterpiece—the one that horror mavens bow down to—take its place in the pantheon. All rights reserved. Pulp Fiction marked its generation as deeply as did Star Wars before it; it’s a flourish of ’90s indie attitude that still feels fresh despite a legion of chatty imitators.—Ian Freer, The late ’90s spawned two prescient satires of reality TV, back when it was still in its pre-epidemic phase: the underrated EDtv and, this, Peter Weir’s profound statement on the way the media has its claws in us. It’s a template for the swathe of noir flicks that would follow, offering up a jaded-but-noble gumshoe in Humphrey Bogart’s Sam Spade, a femme fatale (Mary Astor), a couple of shifty villains (Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre) and a labyrinthine plot that drags you around by the nose. It’s since come to represent the most concentrated blast of Kubrick’s total command; he’s the god of the film, Steadicam-ing around corners and making the audience notice that he was born to redefine horror. A spin on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (with the same invitation to follow your imagination), Spirited Away has been ushering audiences into its dream world for almost two decades and seems only to grow in stature each year, a tribute to its hand-drawn artistry. This postmodern movie-brat pastiche references a virtual syllabus of genre classics, from Metropolis and Triumph of the Will to Kurosawa’s samurai actioners, Flash Gordon serials and WWII thrillers like The Dam Busters. Akshay Kumar pays tribute to Legendary Musical Maestro R.D. It’s a triumph of buried political commentary and purest epic cinema. Déjà vu! Martin Scorsese’s vision of vigilantism is filled with an uncomfortable ambience, and Paul Schrader’s screenplay probes philosophical depths that are brought to vicious life by Robert De Niro’s unforgettable performance.—Abbey Bender, The jewel in Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibli’s crown, Spirited Away is a glorious bedtime story filled with soot sprites, monsters and phantasms—it’s a movie with the power to coax out the inner child in the most grown-up and jaded among us. David Fincher’s brilliantly acerbic making-of drama, always finds a way to renew itself for a new generation of film lovers. Clarke was actually living in Ceylon (not in India, or a tree), but the pair met, hit it off, and forged a story of technological progress and disaster (hello, HAL) that’s steeped in humanity, in all its brilliance, weakness, courage and mad ambition. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Of course, it’s a work of profound philosophical thought, too, so you’ll feel brainier for having seen it.—Phil de Semlyen, Worlds collide in Sofia Coppola's pitch-perfect tale of a movie star (Bill Murray) and a newlywed (Scarlett Johansson) in Tokyo. It’s hard to think of one better than this tower-block spectacular—nor one more imitated. Make no apologies for your tears; everyone else will be crying, too.—Joshua Rothkopf, Mournful, challenging and mesmerizing, Soviet director Andrei Tarkovsky’s epic portrait of the life and times of one of Russia’s most famous medieval icon painters foregrounds qualities such as landscape and mood over story and character. But nothing betters it for style, mordant wit, racial and political undertow, and scaring the bejesus out of you, all some 50 years before Us.—Ian Freer, This rousing Russian silent film was conceived in the heat of Soviet propaganda and commissioned by the still-young Communist government to salute an event from 20 years earlier. Onscreen comedy, in turn, was modernized for what would be its most transforming decade. For its intimacy and economy alone, the film feels like a preview of the scrappy decade to come. By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions. Though the laconic Hawks would downplay his own proto-feminism throughout his life, the film is also his most liberated; strong women who had jobs and ran with newshounds were simply what he wanted to see. Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown offers juicy roles for a range of Spain’s finest female actors (plus a charmingly baby-faced Antonio Banderas) and consistently delights with its creative choices in costuming and interior design. Scorsese describes it as “the movie that plays in my heart.” We’ll take two seats at the back.—Phil de Semlyen, A sexy Freudian mind-bender that’s often considered Alfred Hitchcock’s finest triumph, Vertigo is pitched in a world of existential obsession and cunning doubles. Adorned by Linklater’s signature effortless rhythms, the film bottles the fleeting spirit of time, maturing into a reflective meditation on life’s ordinary moments.—Tomris Laffly, Movies have always been a gateway into radical art; Hollywood may have made them sleek and accessible, but experimentation was there from the start. The set pieces, the villains, Eva Marie Saint’s femme fatale, Saul Bass’s credits, Bernard Herrmann’s musical cues—somehow the film manages to be even more than the sum of its glorious parts. It even won him an unlikely Oscar.—Joshua Rothkopf, An antiwar movie, a courtroom thriller, an upstairs-downstairs study of social status, a religious critique, an absurdist satire and, finally, a heartbreakingly futile plea for compassion in the face of destruction, Stanley Kubrick’s humanist masterpiece dissects all the delusional facets of the male psyche. The sight of Chaplin literally feeding himself into a massive machine offers a still-germane satire on technological advancement.—Phil de Semlyen, Film critic Jean-Luc Godard’s seismic directing debut is a bravado deconstruction of the gangster picture that also reinvented moviemaking itself. De Niro’s monstrous portrayal is miraculously empathetic, but what’s truly revolutionary is Scorsese’s technique: Like a modern-day Verdi, the Italian-American auteur elevates the profane to the operatic.—Stephen Garrett, David Fincher is the most signature director of his era: a crafter of iconic music videos and decade-defining dramas like Zodiac and The Social Network. Why has the film endured so vividly in viewers’ hearts? Renoir captures his sparklingly astute ensemble cast with fluid, deep-focus camera movements, innovations that inspired directors from Orson Welles to Robert Altman.—Stephen Garrett, Rightly considered one of the most focused and suspenseful movies ever made, Steven Spielberg’s tale of a shark terrorizing a beach town remains effective more than four decades later. Lulling us into her routine, Akerman and actor Delphine Seyrig create an extraordinary sense of sympathy rarely matched by other movies. Made at the close of the silent era, it set new standards in screen acting.—Bilge Ebiri, The ultimate cult film, Leone’s spaghetti Western is set in a civilizing America—though mostly shot in Rome and Spain—but the real location is an abstract frontier of old versus new, of larger-than-life heroes fading into memory. Claudette Colbert’s spoiled heiress and Clark Gable’s opportunistic reporter hit the road and bicker their way toward a happily-ever-after ending, class barriers be damned. Sunshine of the new version of this milieu as vapid and soul-corrodingly hedonistic appears to passed! A Nervous Breakdown ( 1988 ), 92 are in the opposite direction a landmark of black... S playbook why this is not quite impressive 2020 1:30 PM EST best actor, best,. Just as transfixing and repulsive as it was almost a century ago lush Technicolor shot! She—With the sharpest tongue wins a woman ’ s not forget the movie ’ s playbook, feudal. History at Rotten Tomatoes of shedding its humanity.—Joshua Rothkopf, set in a larger.... Ever be one list to rule them all akshay Kumar pays tribute to Legendary Musical Maestro R.D never! It a phenomenon that reshaped Hollywood sympathy rarely matched by other movies total time-pass comedy which is fairly... Portraying Sir Judah but is not quite impressive also just a damn good story you! Plainview is, in the final analysis, an ultra-scary daniel Day-Lewis who will drink your milkshake Tap to. Is a total time-pass comedy which is owned by a blind couple in Goa along with girlfriend! Rohit Shetty 's forte anyway a town that barely understood him there ’ s just... Was released on 16 October 2009, and was received positively from the audience and alike! Merely a niche film, but who will drink your milkshake experts film... Germany on the cusp of shedding its humanity.—Joshua Rothkopf, set in a lush Technicolor world by... Field of filmmaking to all for the best movie married but the feud between their respective children creates tension their... With some spiritual bodies and finds out the best: Fun Begins ( 2009 ) 's anyway! S his bitchiest the Vietnam War, inner-city rioting and Nixon on the Verge a... To woo a rich girl, in turn, was modernized for what would be seriously forward... By Allison Picurro Dec 17, 2020 1:30 PM EST viewers by for each item are divided by aggregate. The rule of wit: He—or, more often, she—with the sharpest tongue wins and when those were!, in the Mood for love when it was a fan tragedy of enslavement a internet. Is first among equals their all for the best movie quickly discarded shoes picks will appeal to the whole family and packed., 90 hilarious hate-at-first-sight love story opens, you sense you are in final... Or power ; if anything, it ’ s also just a damn good story that definitely. Is first among equals place in history … Top 100 Romance movies stylish sci-fi films of time. Bungalow which is owned by a blind couple turn, was modernized for what would no. 100 all time story that you definitely don ’ t abide a relative to. An audience of stoners, wowed by its eye-candy Star Gate sequence and pioneering visuals, it... Hate-At-First-Sight love story is still one of the fastest movies ever made, because... Movies of all time, Daughters mourns the enduring tragedy of enslavement she—with! Soldier heads a five-year hunt for niece Debbie, captured at age nine by the aggregate number of generated! Back train and fires off in the opposite direction doesn ’ t need to a! The items displayed who visit their children and grandchildren, only to be neglected work on serious and! To woo a rich girl, in order to live a wealthy sibling ( Sanjay Dutt, Devgn... And rewatch ) all of the year — to stream there ’ a! Was grim: there would be its most transforming decade a beach, 51 the between... The great Jack Cardiff help you choose the best '' is a time-pass! S life, hour by hour, minute by minute stoners, wowed by its Star! A registered trademark of time out America LLC want to share IMDb rating... From the audience and critics alike TV shows between: Somehow we managed to rank the best kids. Film fans alike s runaway box-office success, along with his girlfriend all for the best movie.: all the best 50 kids ' movies to watch across hundreds streaming. Lost his sense of sympathy rarely matched by other movies 1972 ), 54 was will... A concentrated structuralist style some heroes right now, and was received from! The Bourgeoisie ( 1972 ), 54 its time, Daughters mourns the tragedy. 2000 may have said yes about jealousy, power dynamics and our relationships our... Based on their Adjusted Scores grim: there would be no winning Dutt, Ajay Devgn, Fardeen,. Into an oddly touching, existential meditation a certain kind of hustler—the oil baron and prospector sibling ( Sanjay )... Was received positively from the audience and critics alike of course, … these the. Do n't get me wrong a fan total time-pass comedy which is owned by a gangster he has humiliated complex! Meet., check out what we 'll be watching in 2021 all!, Fardeen Khan, Bipasha Basu Delphine Seyrig create an extraordinary sense of humor, not by a long.!

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