Resources for managing innovation ecosystems


INTELSPACE offers a series of web-based platforms for managing innovation ecosystems (clusters, industrial districts, technology parks, living labs, hubs, incubators). They can work independently or together to improve the innovation performance of companies, technology intermediaries, and research organizations participating in various innovation ecosystems. They provide collaborative frameworks and crowdsourcing enabling companies, organisations and end-users to generate new ideas, business concepts, and product innovations.


Strategic intelligence

Strategic intelligence is a solution suitable for companies and business clusters of small and medium companies.

It is based on a web 2.0 platform that facilitates market and technology watch and continuous information on market trends and emerging technologies. The platform is structured according to business intelligence principles, including data collection, data analysis, and data dissemination modules. It simplifies the collection of market and technology intelligence and provides tools that allow grouping, ranking, analyzing, and visualizing information. Data related to prices, technologies, new products, suppliers, competitors, is analyzed and reports are sent to specified recipients.


Technology exploitation

Technology exploitation is a solution suitable for research universities, research centers, and research institutions.

The platform offers systematic guidance in the collection, classification and assessment of technologies, as well as e-learning at different phases of technology exploitation, such as licensing, technology transfer, and spin-off creation.


Innovation development

The innovation development and training suite is suitable for companies, start-up incubators and business clusters and other organizations involved in new product development.

It is based on a web 2.0 software platform that enables understanding new product development stages, participation of employees to ideas generation, product design and promotion. The platform can be adapted and used for collaborative new product development, concept development, product design, spin-off creation, management of intellectual property. It may also be used for training purposes as it supports the systematic presentation of a large collection of product development methodologies, tools and techniques.


Innovation benchmarking

Innovation benchmarking enables the assessment of an organization’s  practice against an established organization, as well as the measurement and comparative assessment of  innovation performance of an organization.

It is based on web-platform that supports the design of custom systems of innovation measurement and benchmarking. The platform includes modules for (1) indicators’ definition and development, (2) innovation performance data collection, (3) performance comparative analysis, and (4) visualization of results and reporting.

Benchmarking is indispensable for any company / region that invest on R&D and innovation, making incremental changes to products and services or adopting new processes and technologies, providing assessment of  innovation effort and impact on growth, income, profitability, and financial returns.


Other resources for web-based innovation management

InnoCentive – Global, online marketplace where organizations in need of innovation can utilize a global network of over 160,000 of the world’s brightest problem solvers. – Global technology marketplace lists intellectual property, technology, and patents for technology transfer, technology licensing, patent licensing and patent sale.

iBridge Network – Provides the transparency and access to university developed innovations that will lead to further advances and next-generation products.

FreePatentsOnline – One of the most powerful, fastest and easiest patent search engines on the web.

Peer-to-Patent – Harnesses citizen-experts to improve patent quality in software, internet, business methods, and e-commerce categories.

CrowdSpirit – A platform that enables businesses to involve innovators from outside the company directly in the design of innovative products and services.

Cloverleaf – LEAF™ is a process of collaborative innovation that helps companies not only be more innovative but successfully deliver on ideas, concepts and solutions in the marketplace—from insight through to commercialization.

IdeaScale – Powers feedback communities. Users submit ideas while the community comments and votes on the ideas.

Free Online Surveys – The service is available to everyone wishing to create an online questionnaire, receive, analyse answers.

MailChimp – Email marketing tool that helps you to design, send, and track your email campaigns.


CampaignMonitor – 100% Rebrandable email marketing software just for designers.

Google Analytics – Free, enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness.

Yahoo! Web Analytics – Free full featured enterprise analytics solution which also now provides insight into the demographics and category interests of your website visitors.

Piwik – A downloadable, open source (GPL licensed) web analytics software program.

Tableau – Data analytics and visualization. Create charts, graphs, and drill down to uncover relationships.


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